Alarm speaker with intelligent smart home control


Aktive Vertreibung vom Täter, durch akustische Signale (Männerstimme und Hundegebell).

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mini alarm speaker!

Active eviction from the perpetrator by means of acoustic signals (male voice and dog barking).

The intelligent siren control or alarm loudspeaker control of the AlarmTab® control center makes it possible, for example, for the external siren to sound for 5 seconds when an external sensor has been triggered, in order to chase the offender away before he tries to break in. It is possible to control the indoor and outdoor sirens separately or together, or to start an alarm loudspeaker with angry dog barking and a man’s voice, e.g. at the moment when a window or door is opened.

This smart home control thus enables settings and functions that are not possible with conventional simple alarm systems. All the features are pre-set so you can use them straight away, or you can change the settings to your liking.

By using a microSD card, you can play back your own sound recordings. The file should be in mp3 format and last at least 15 seconds.

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Scope of delivery:

1 x alarm speaker with intelligent smart home control
1x power supply 5V
1 x 3m USB cable


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