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Der Bewegungsmelder besitzt einen Überwachungswinkel von ca. 180° und eine Reichweite von ca. 8 Metern. Dank des 70mm Magnetpads erfolgt die Montage völlig ohne lästiges Bohren.

Der Bewegungsmelder ist kompatibel mit AlarmTab Alarmanlagen.

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Motion detectors are the most widely used sensors, but they are also responsible for the majority of false alarms. The reason is that usually only 1 PIR (passive infrared sensor) is installed.

In order to significantly increase false alarm security, this Dual Sensor 2 has 2 independently working PIR sensors, special analysis software and pet immune protection. An alarm is only triggered if both PIR sensors simultaneously detect a moving heat source (person). Pets up to 15 KG will be ignored.

The sensitivity of the PIR sensors is automatically adjusted to the ambient temperature, thereby achieving consistent monitoring stability.

The intelligent software saves battery power by first switching to idle mode after a signaled movement until no further movement is detected for 1 minute.

This ensures that the motion detector does not constantly send signals with every movement and that the battery life is significantly increased.

The dual motion detector works with 2 x AA batteries, has an unobtrusive size of only 11 x 5.7 x 4.2 cm and comes with a ball joint mount and a magnetic pad mount.
The battery life is about 12-15 months with average signal frequency.

The motion sensor with two sensors sends its radio signal up to a distance of 40 m directly to your Android smartphone (iPhone app is under development) and the DST connector.

The motion detector is compatible with AlarmTab alarm systems.

Scope of delivery:

1 x motion detector with Bluetosec transmitter
1 x magnetic pad with drill hole


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