Wireless gas detector GS-TC


Der Funk Gasmelder GS-TC stellt eine neue Generation von Gasmeldern dar. Er ist handlich klein (75x55x28mm, in etwa die Größe einer Zigarettenschachtel), aber voll neuester Technologie.

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The GS-TC detects all common flammable gases and hazardous vapors such as propane, butane, natural gas, town gas, methane, nitro thinner, gasoline, ether, alcohol, glue fumes, etc.
As a result, the GS-TC offers a wide range of security and early alarm triggering before dangerous concentrations in the breathing air occur.
The GS-TC not only reports a gas alarm, but also reports when the ambient air is okay again. This offers double security.

The new Bluetosec radio technology enables the GS-TC to report directly and directly to your smartphone on site. The required app is available free of charge, the radio range between GS-TC and smartphone is approx. 30m in the building and can be extended as required using optional repeaters. At the same time, the GS-TC also works as a fully-fledged repeater for other sensors from the DST product family.

The GS-TC is operated with mains power from a 5V DC power supply (smartphone charging power supply), an emergency power battery is included that bridges a power failure for approx. 6 hours.
If required, the GS-TC can also be operated via a 5V power bank. For example, a 12 Ah power bank is sufficient for approx. 5 days of operation.

The power consumption is 100 mAh. The alarm trigger can be set between 100 and 10,000 ppm (parts per million), so it is possible to set the trigger threshold as required. The housing is available in black or light gray.

Scope of delivery:

1 x gas detector GS-TC
1 x 2m USB power cable
1 x 5V power adapter for 110-230V outlet

Important installation instructions for gas detectors

Correct installation is the most important prerequisite for reliable function. Special attention must be paid to the properties between the gases. Select the mounting location that corresponds to the type of gas that may be encountered on site. With combination gas detectors and the aim of monitoring different gases, we recommend mounting at a medium room height, approx. 1 -1.5m above the floor.

The suppliers add an odorant to the gas so that escaping gas can be detected as early as possible, but the sense of smell is switched off during sleep, which is why gas detectors are so important.
Priority should always be given to the mounting height that best suits the desired surveillance objective.

An example:

You use propane gas in the caravan and use a combination smoke detector for propane gas and CO gas. Since the propane gas is the primary source of danger, but the beds are at a height of approx. 60-80cm above the floor, the gas detector should be mounted at a height of approx. 50cm above the floor (average height between 30cm for pure propane gas detectors and 1m for pure CO gas detectors). CO gas is about as heavy as air and is therefore distributed almost evenly in the air. Therefore, the gas detector to detect propane and CO gas can be installed at this altitude.

Natural and town gas:
These gases are lighter than air and therefore rise to the ceiling, so the installation should be at a height of about 30-50cm below the ceiling. The distance to the source of danger should not be more than six meters.

LPG such as propane, butane, anesthetic gas:
These gases are heavier than air and sink to the ground in living areas and camping vehicles. For this reason, the installation must be carried out at a maximum height of 30 cm above the floor. The distance from the source of danger should not be more than 3 – 4 meters.

CO gas (carbon monoxide)
CO gas is odorless, invisible and highly toxic. This is what makes CO gas so dangerous.
CO detectors should ideally be installed in closed rooms at a height of approx. 100 cm above the floor, at a maximum distance of 3-4 meters from the fire site.
CO gas is distributed fairly evenly in the air, so it can be mounted anywhere between 50cm and 150cm off the ground.

General information:
Do not install the gas detector near doors, windows or extractor hoods, as the actual gas content of the air cannot be reliably measured in the vicinity. Also avoid placing it directly next to the gas source or in places with high levels of dust or humidity. Also make sure that the gas detectors are out of the reach of children / pets and that no paint, varnish, solvents or cleaning agents are stored near them. Gas detectors also trigger when hairspray is used, for example, since the propellant gases from the spray can are also detected. Gases produced during baking can also trigger the gas detector. Please note that a combination gas detector always represents a compromise to individual gas detectors specially designed for the respective gas.


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