HomeProTec Aura Sensor including remote control


Sichert eine komplette Wohnungen bis zu 100 m² mit einem einzigen Sensor!

Die HomeProTec Aura ist kompatibel mit AlarmTab und AIS Center.

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The HomeProTec sensor is a new type of sensor for protecting apartments and houses and all other enclosed spaces.

It is also used in vehicles such as cars, RVs, trucks and containers.
The sensor analyzes the ambient air volume with its software, different rooms up to 100 m² can be analyzed.

The moment the door or window is opened, the air volume changes and the sensor can detect this change and trigger an alarm. This sensor offers several


  • You only need 1 HomeProTec sensor to secure an area of up to 100 m²
  • All sensors and doors are monitored
  • You can move freely in the apartment while the sensor is armed
  • The sensitivity can be continuously adjusted to suit different situations of your property

HomeProTec can work up to 2 weeks with an internal battery, can work up to 6 months with a common power bank and can be connected to the mains.

No additional sensors or cables are required. Switch on HomeProTec, adjust the sensitivity to your environment and activate the sensor using the remote control. That’s all. Your entire apartment / house, vehicle is protected.

The radio signal is sent directly to your smartphone, locally or via a connector via an encrypted mobile network.

The hand-sized HomeProTec is the simplest solution to protect your property anywhere. Without installation work, maintenance and without monthly costs.

Scope of delivery:

1 x HomeProTec Aura Sensor
1 x wireless remote control
1 x 5V power supply


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