Infrared light barrier


Standalone-Funkinfrarotstrahl für Innen- und Außenbereiche bis zu 30 m Abstand zwischen Gerät zur Überwachung und Steuerung

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An infrared light beam is the best solution for outdoor surveillance.

It is not dependent on the ambient temperature (PIR motion detectors depend on the air temperature). The warmer the air, the smaller the difference between body heat and air. This reduces the sensor range.

This IR ray contains two components, the IR light emitter that works with 2 x AAA battery up to 1 year and the IR ray receiver that works with 12V net power.
The IR receiver is usually installed near the house. This provides good wireless signal transmission from the radio module in the IR ray receiver and the mains power source is readily available.

The distance between the IR ray emitter (battery operated) and the IR ray receiver (mains operated) is up to 30m. When a person passes through the invisible IR ray, a radio signal is sent to the middle of the house.

The IR ray components are small, the size is only 10 x 3.8 x 3.5 cm.
The installation is very easy. As soon as the invisible infrared light beam hits the receiver, a red LED indicates the correct position of both components. The best mounting height is over 1.2 m above the ground.

Scope of delivery:

2 x IR beam components
2 x AAA battery
1 x 12V power adapter
1 x 10 m long DC cable (can be extended with another 10 m long cable via plug connection)


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