4G GPS long-term tracker, 6 months battery life, 9 year SIM card, no follow-up costs


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The service

The long-term GPS tracker is ready to use right out of the box. All you have to do is switch on the device and place it in your car, for example.

The integrated SIM is valid for 9 years and contains all data for 9 years of operation, without monthly Cost, no regular top-up, no registration, no contractual commitment, everything is delivered ready to use.

The integrated SIM card can be used worldwide without roaming costs and has the same operating time and number of position reports in every country as in Germany.

This makes Amgotrack cheaper and less complicated than any other GPS tracker.

We offer you free access to the Easytracking24 app or the associated online platform. For example, log in to the Internet browser and track your device at any time and conveniently follow the routes covered. These real-time location queries in the web browser or via an app are usually associated with costs. With us, however, this is not the case!


The demo device and the app

At https://easytracking24.online/ you only have to log in with your username/username and password/password.

Username: 151692
Password: 123456

The site is very intuitive and user-friendly. There you will find the geofence function and can call up saved positions. The smartphone apps offer the same functions as the PC software.


The tracker sends an exact location every 3 minutes while driving. Optionally, this interval can be shortened to one or two minutes or extended.

On the website or in the app you will find the route with the kilometers displayed, the current position, the speed and the battery charge level of the device. The total kilometers traveled are calculated per day/week/year as desired.

You can also optionally set up the GeoFence area. This virtual surveillance area delimits an area on a map. If this is left, you will receive an e-mail push notification on your smartphone via APP. This is suitable, for example, as an anti-theft device.

The supplied SIM card: 9 years without follow-up costs

In order to make the use of the long-term tracker as convenient as possible for our customers, our delivery includes a SIM card. This is valid for 9 years and configured on our long-term tracker. There are no monthly costs.

The term of the SIM card ends after 9 years and you are therefore not bound by any contract.

Therefore, the AMGoTrack is generally cheaper and less complicated than comparable models, especially in the long run.

The integrated SIM card means that the tracker is always connected to the strongest network in the world. This favors a reliable position determination.

The included SIM card includes 4000 position reports per month for 9 years. Calculated down to one day, this means that you can display eight hours of driving routes per day.

If the vehicle is in continuous operation, the data volume can be increased to 8,000 items per month for a one-off fee of 39 euros. Likewise, the data volume can be booked at any time. For detailed booking information, it is best to contact us.

GPS – anti-theft, long-term tracker and location determination

Long-term trackers can be used individually depending on customer requirements. Among other things, you can secure your car or valuable objects worldwide and always understand the exact position.

GPS long-term trackers are usually small transmitters that can be attached to objects, vehicles or people. It is therefore possible to constantly find out the precise location and to call it up at any time via your own tracking access.

GPS means Global Positioning System. It works by equipping the trackers with GPS and GSM modules. The GPS module can always retrieve the location of the device using satellites and sends this to a server. From there, the sent data is processed and transmitted to the receiving device with the GSM module.

The long-term tracker is suitable for any form of vehicle and object tracking. This allows you to locate the following objects and vehicles:

  • caravans
  • boats
  • goods transporter
  • cars or trucks
  • containers
  • Packages
  • luggage

The AMGoTrack long-term tracker is probably the most user-friendly GPS tracker on the market.

GPS trackers require a SIM card for use, which is included and already included with our product.

battery life and charging time

With one battery charge, you can use the live tracker for up to 6 months worldwide. Battery life can be extended by reducing the number of position reports to 5 or 10 reports per day. Due to the longer distances, the battery lasts longer and can be extended to up to 2 years and more.

The battery can be charged using the supplied USB charging cable.

Information on position transmission:

So that a battery charge of approx. 6 months is sufficient, the AMGoTrack transmits a position every 3 minutes, in the meantime the GPS tracker goes into sleep mode.
The intervals of the position transmission can be shortened to 2 or 1 minute, which reduces the battery life to about 4 or 2 months.
95% of customers use the 3 minute rhythm.

EasyTracking 24 – The app for your GPS tracker

You can easily log in with your individual access data (ID and password). On the start page you will find the time and date of the last position transmission. You can also see the battery status of the tracker there.

You will find your GPS history in the app and can use a filter to understand exact progress. You can also manage all devices and find other reporting data there. You can find more information in the user manual.

scope of delivery

1 x 4G GPS long-term tracker AMGoTrack incl. SIM with 9 years data flat rate

1 x USB charging cable

1 x personal access to the PC online tracking platform with German menu navigation (set up ready for operation, permanently free of charge)

1 x information on downloading the app for IOS and Android

1 x magnetic pad to assist with assembly

1 * Instruction Manual



Length: 13.8 cm
Width: 9.7 cm
Height: 3.2cm
Weight: 0.450g


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