CarPro-Tec Fusion 4G – the world best car alarm system

Why we developed a better universal alarm system including GPS tracker


  • We wanted a product that is set up in less than 5 minutes and does not require any special knowledge about electronics
  • The product should include an alarm system and GPS tracker to provide 360 degree care free protection
  • We wanted not only to provide the best system but also the most inexpensive and that’s why we don’t charge a monthly subscription fee to use our GPS tracker.
  • We wanted a device that also works when you cross the boarder.
  • The CarPro-Tec alarm system works even if the thief has the car key.
  • A product that is universal and works in cars, trailers, RV’s, motorcycle’s, boat’s, etc.

CarPro-Tec Fusion 4G

Alarm System and GPS tracker in one small device


Length × width × height:
5.5 × 3.9 × 1.2 inches

Battery Life

up to 4 weeks battery life
rechargeable battery included – USB car charger included

Real-time GPS

NO Monthly Fee – Data is paid for up to 9 years with the purchase of our device.
GPS tracker works worldwide

SIM Included


Tracking Technology

4G LTE + GPS Satellite – worldwide

Built-in Magnet Mount


Waterproof & Dustproof


Alarm System

Notifies you immediately on your phone in case of towing, opening trunk, smashing window or opening door.

Analyzes movement

Your vehicle monitors changes caused by the integrated motion detection and reports them immediately.

APP and Website will provide real-time tracking with secure log-in Geofence Alerts.
Historical reporting including location.

Easy installation in less than 3 minutes

Step 1

Download app and turn on your CarPro-Tec Fusion 4G

Step 2

Place anywhere inside the car
(glove compartment | under the seat)

Step 3

Adjust sensitivity

Step 4

Arm by remote control

Ready to use

CarPro-Tec installation and use


Geofencing allows movement restrictions for a vehicle in any required definition. If the vehicle leaves the specified coordinates, the owner will be warned when using geofencing. He can follow up immediately and check the location of the vehicle at any time.

Why is CarPro-Tec the right decision?


Easy to set up and use – no special knowledge required


Alarm system provides - 360 degree protection


Delivered ready to use - incl. remote control


You know exactly where your vehicle is even when crossing the boarder


GPS tracker works worldwide

The worlds best universal alarm system including GPS tracker

CarPro-Tec Fusion4G App

Monitors door & window

Detects vibration

Protect your vehicle against burglary and theft with just one device

Analyzes movement

GPS localization