CarPro-Tec Fusion 4G GPS alarm system including SIM card


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Why we are the best and most inexpensive solution* on the market.

  • Alarm and GPS tracker in one device
  • No monthly subscription fee to use GPS tracker**.
  • GPS and alarm system work worldwide – no worries when you cross the border with your car/trailer, motorcycle or RV.
  • Easy to set up and use – even for a non-techie individual Quality Made in Germany

*Lets do the math

The average price for a standalone GPS vehicle tracking device in America is around $60.,up%20to%20%24200%20and%20more.

Expect to pay $30-$300 for a basic car alarm. Installation of a basic car alarm typically costs another $50-$200 or more.

The monthly subscription fee for GPS tracker is between $10 and $20. This means you pay between $120 and $240 each year. Add to that the price for a GPS tracker of $60 and at least $80 for the cheapest car alarm including installation.

This is a total of around $240 ($120 sim card + $60 GPS tracker + $80 car alarm & installation) . That’s what you pay after just 1 year. The price for the SIM card may be even much higher when you choose coverage beyond the border.

** no monthly SIM card GPS tracking fee for 9 years. After 9 years purchase a new world sim card for a one time fee of $49. GPS tracker provides every 3 minutes new updates, worldwide.


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