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The All-In-Sensor revolutionizes the market of security technology and smart home technology by combining all standard sensors and functions in one device. The purchase and installation of many individual sensors is expensive, complicated and expensive. In addition, maintenance costs such as costs are incurred for each sensor. Batteries that need to be renewed. In addition, each sensor always takes on only one task. A motion detector will never detect smoke.

The all-in-sensor is the only device with a total of 18 sensors and functions, allowing you to control, secure, measure and monitor anywhere in the world. We took a close look at the problems and disadvantages of existing systems in the industry and used all the know-how from 15 years of experience to develop the ultimate Swiss Army knife of the sensors.

Existing smart home solutions are always based on other technology such as Wireless router or external server instructed to work. This limits the application areas. This limitation does not apply to the All-In-Sensor. He can control electrical devices directly and without detours, because the intelligence is not in the external servers, but in the sensor itself. The all-in sensor can control this device either via the available Smart Home sockets or later via Bluetosec® boards installed directly in the devices.

Independent of any other technique, the all-in sensor can also be used in places previously unthinkable, such as while traveling, in the caravan, in the vehicle, in the forest hut or on the beach. Of course, but also in buildings. Because the signals are no longer processed by external servers that are located somewhere abroad, there is also a special data protection. Linking sensors allows you to create scenarios under which circumstances a device should be switched. For example, Can you adjust that when a movement is registered, it is dark and it is evening the light should come on.

The use of Bluetooth 5.0 also allows ranges of 1000m in the open field and 200m in buildings. As a result, radio links can be set up that are previously unthinkable and thus also secure large buildings. Here are a few application examples. So far, all possibilities can not yet be estimated and new applications are constantly being added to ideas.

1 All-in sensor can monitor, control or control a whole room. Depending on the application, the sensor can transfer the information directly to your own smartphone or, if you are away from home, an Android tablet is used as the center.

The tablet or smartphone serves as a control center, for setting the sensor and for notification in case of alarm by phone call, SMS or e-mail. To avoid data connection costs, you can connect the tablet to your wireless router. However, this is not mandatory for the functionality of the system. For calls and SMS a SIM card is used, this also serves to secure the data connection, if the wireless router should fail.

You can use several sensors at the same time. You select by app, which sensors you activate
want and how high the sensitivity should be.

The all-in sensor can be powered by batteries, rechargeable batteries or AC power via USB cable.
The battery life depends on the amount of active sensors. On average, this is 1 year.


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