NR-04 mobile GPS emergency call transmitter for on the go with GPS and 4G module


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Functions at a glance:

  • small and handy (disappears in every trouser pocket or can be attached to a bunch of keys)
  • Use at home and on the go
  • Alarm message on smartphone including GPS position in Google Maps
  • Fall sensor for automatic alarm in the event of a fall
  • very easy-to-use magnetic charging cable system
  • built-in rechargeable battery works 3-5 days
  • waterproof IP 67, suitable for showering


Mobile emergency call for seniors

Whether at home or on the go, do you want more security? Then we recommend the AMG GPS emergency call transmitter for seniors. In the event of an accident, the included fall sensor technology ensures that the emergency call is triggered automatically and your GPS position is transmitted.

With the mobile GPS emergency call system, we try to increase the everyday anxiety of people in need of care, senior citizens and their relatives. The house emergency call is available around the clock at the touch of a button. This gives you a good feeling and help can be provided in an emergency.

Functionality of the mobile emergency call

With the handy and compact GPS emergency call transmitter, seniors can be called at any time and make phone calls themselves. If a dangerous situation or an emergency arises, the transmitter can be used to send a call for help. To trigger the alarm, you have to press the large SOS button in the middle of the device. Your alarm signal ensures that the telephone numbers you have stored are called one after the other. When setting up the device, you can save up to 5 telephone numbers, such as those of your relatives, nursing staff or emergency call centers. An alarm SMS is now received for the stored telephone numbers, where, among other things, their exact position is transmitted via GPS data. Your position can be determined with an accuracy of up to 5 meters. This makes it possible to find people in need of help more quickly and, if necessary, to alert an ambulance and emergency doctor. During the possible waiting time, a call can be established in order to remain in contact with the person concerned and, for example, to encourage them.

battery life

Don’t worry about charging the battery every day anymore. The emergency call system has a high-performance battery with 1000 mAh (3.7V), so you no longer have to constantly check the battery charge. A fully charged battery lasts about 3-5 days with normal use. Depending on the sensor triggering, this value can decrease.

A notice:

The NR-04 emergency call system can be used internationally with any SIM card (except Congstar). However, GSM reception depends on the SIM card used. If you do not get reception with one network provider, please use another provider.

Scope of delivery:

1 x Emergency Call System NR-04 4G
1 x 5V power supply
1 x Magnetic Charging Cable
1 x necklace


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