4G Emergency call system

The first combined emergency call system that can be used at home and on the road. It automatically establishes a call connection at the touch of a button and automatically sends the current GPS position in the event of an emergency call. Incl. fall sensor, which automatically triggers the emergency call in the event of a fall.

Emergency call bracelet for seniors

Looking for a reliable stationary and mobile emergency call system? Then opt for our combination emergency call system, consisting of an emergency call bracelet and GPS emergency call transmitter. The fall sensor technology it contains ensures that the emergency call is triggered automatically and transmits your GPS position in the event of an emergency.

With the 2-in-1 combination product, we try to take the everyday anxiety away from people in need of care, seniors and their relatives, to help them in an emergency and to give them a good feeling. To do this, you use the black GPS emergency transmitter when you are out and about, and at home you put the GPS emergency transmitter in the charging cradle and can then trigger the emergency call via the wristband transmitter in an emergency. This also has the advantage that you do not have to make sure that the battery of the GPS emergency transmitter is charged.

Functionality of the transmitter at a glance

With this compact and handy emergency call system you have the possibility to be called at any time as well as to make phone calls yourself. In order for seniors to be able to make a call for help even in a dangerous situation, they use the large SOS button in the middle of both the emergency bracelet and the GPS emergency transmitter. Your signal triggers an alarm. This ensures that the phone numbers you have stored are called one after the other. You can store up to 3 phone numbers like your relatives, caregivers or emergency call centers. An alarm SMS is now received by the stored telephone numbers, where, among other things, their exact position is transmitted via GPS data. Their position can be determined with an accuracy of up to 5 meters. This makes it possible to find people in need of help more quickly and, if necessary, to alert an ambulance and emergency doctor. During the possible waiting time, a conversation can be established in order to stay in contact with the person concerned and, for example, to encourage him or her. If you are at home, it is sufficient to wear the wristband sensor. However, the wristband sensor can only perform its functions in the vicinity of the GPS emergency call transmitter station. Make sure that the transmitter has a radio range of about 20m. However, otherwise you can always wear it, even in the shower, because the transmitter is splash-proof. Should you leave the house and go shopping, for example, take the GPS emergency transmitter with you.

Advantages of the emergency bracelet for seniors

With the AMG MessageDirect app, you can conveniently program and operate your device without having to manually enter complex commands. For this, you just need to enter the phone number of the device and then you can personalize individual commands in the system. At any time you can access your set SMS commands in the app. If you want to know how your loved one is doing without making an emergency call, you can also call the emergency device yourself at any time to talk to your loved one. By pressing the emergency call button, the call is accepted. The GPS position is sent by SMS at any time upon request, with the coordinates sent as a Google Maps link. The emergency bracelet and necklace transmitter have a battery, with a runtime of up to 3 years. In addition, the mobile device has a six-digit SMS pin to protect it from external control.

Battery life that inspires you

Mobile emergency devices should be regularly connected to the charger. This is to avoid the situation where the device is not ready for use in an emergency. To counteract this problem, the 4G emergency call system offers a mobile emergency call device and 2 emergency call transmitters. In order to be ready for use at any time, the mobile emergency call device is placed in a charging cradle.

For use at home, the emergency transmitter is available on the wristband. This works with battery for about 2-3 years and therefore does not need to be constantly recharged. Thus, you can be sure that an emergency call is triggered and the constant thoughts whether the device is charged disappear.

The 2-in-1 combination product has a high-performance 1000 mAh battery, so you no longer need to constantly watch the battery charge. A fully charged battery will last about 3 days with normal use. Depending on sensor triggering, this value may decrease.


The 4G emergency call system can be used with any SIM card (international). However, GSM reception depends on the SIM card used. If you do not get reception with one network provider, please use another provider.

There is no drop transmitter, microphone and loudspeaker in the wristband or neckband transmitter. These are located exclusively 4G emergency call system transmitter (main unit).