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Direct Smarter Technology Inc is a start-up company based in the USA. The company has set itself the task of making future technologies finally easy. The usually complicated commissioning of smart products and the registration of personal data and the extensive collection of user data are no longer necessary.The areas of activity include the development and production of intelligent sensors and device controls with a direct, data-protected connection to the smartphone.The radio technologies and applications developed in-house have already won several awards and will be offered to an international audience from January 2021.

CES Press release , NewYork, Jan.8, 2021

CES: smart home finally simple by new technology

Smart home technologies are an important future technology. But to this day, the success has fallen far short of the manufacturers’ expectations. There are several reasons for this, the 3 most important reasons for buyers are: 

  • The technology is too complicated to set up and use
  • Inadequate data protection and the risk of hacker attacks
  • Limited use because products need permanent internet connection

For most providers it will also be impossible in the future to offer products without customer data storage and permanent internet connection. This will continue to limit the success of smart homes products. 

Direct Smarter Technology Inc. is going a completely different way and is presenting the first secure and mobile useable smart-home system at this year’s CES. 

The TC 1.3 radio module was developed to connect any electrical device or sensor directly with smartphone and make it controllable in easy way. Without detours over the Internet or gateways and no use of external server and data collection.

The necessary intelligence is in the radio module and in users smartphone, this gives users sole control over their products and data and brings back an important piece of independence.

Easy-to-use apps are available free of charge for control via smartphone on site or for control from great distances. TC radio module offers the easiest solution to you to make your electric devices smart and increase the benefit and value of the device.

  • 2-way communication system
  • Integrated 2 mode selectable ( pure sender or sender and repeater)
  • Long wireless range, up to 300 ft in free line and extendable by integrated repeater technology and mesh feature
  • Extremely low power consumption, 1 battery let TCv1.3 work up to 15 years
  • Order is possible in any quantity, starting from 1 piece up
  • Fully compatible with AiS Multitool All-in-sensor to built up an intelligent, automatic control system, with best data- and hacker protection and very easy use

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North + South America – Paul Schnurr CEO    Direct Smarter Technology Inc.
Europe –  Carsten Gehrmann CEO    Direct Smarter Technology GmbH


Press release NY Jan. 07. 2021

Vehicle safety with unprecedented simplicity

CarproTec – new high-tech security technology presented on CES

Cars and trucks represent a high financial value. This is also the reason why millions of them are stolen and broken into every year.

Direct-Smarter Technology (DST) developed the CarproTec, a new generation of vehicle security.

Instead of retrofitting a security system into the vehicle, which is expensive and time-consuming, CarproTec protects immediately and without money-intensive installation.

The benefits –  a loud alarm is triggered at the vehicle location, the owner is notified via smartphone without delay and GPS tracking makes it easier to find.

Without monthly costs, worldwide useable.

What does the CarproTec system ensure?

The alarm, the message to the owner and the GPS localization are activated as soon as the built in sensors register a change in the vehicle. The car doors, the windows as well as the trunk and the wheels are monitored simply and easily, without installation of additional sensors. The new sensor technology in CarproTec make this possible.

Instead of  expensive  installation of a security system in a workshop, you simply place CarproTec into your vehicle at any place, without installation and without having to pay additional costs or monthly fees.

And if you change your vehicle, it is the same easy way to protect your new vehicle , just take CarproTec out of old car and place it in new car, that all you have to do.

How does CarPro-Tec secure the vehicle?

Simply place the device under the front passenger seat, in the glove compartment or in the trunk, out of sight.

A world SIM card is already inserted in the device, and all data for up to 5 years use are already included on SIM without additional costs. And after 5 years, you can charge SIM card for less than 50 USD for next 5 years.

The CarproTec  SIM always connecting to the strongest available network.

For arm and disarm CarproTec  is controlled via a radio remote control.

DST provides a free app to receive the GPS signal and the alarm.

Data security is ensured, among other things, because users do not have to install anything and do not have to register anywhere. You just switch on CarproTec, transfer the unique ID to the app, place the device in the vehicle and all is ready for use.

Where can you buy CarPro-Tec?

CarproTec  ships to retailers, garages, and caravan dealers at a suggested retail price of MSRP $ 349. CarproTec will soon also be available via the manufacturer’s website

Press release  NY Jan 06.2021

The first wireless multitool transmitter for smartphones is presented at the CES

So far, smartphone users have moved in the digital world.

But now there is also the securing, monitoring and control of the real world

possible for smartphones.

This is made possible by the new AiS multitool all-in transmitter from Direct-Smarter Technology Inc.

It combines the functions of 12 of the most important sensors and 6 helpful functions

such as Smart Home control, repeater etc. in one small device with the size of a matchbox.

The communication between the AiS transmitter and smartphone takes place via a new Bluetooth BLE protocol, called Bluetosec and via the protected M2M cellular network.

The data transmission is 4-fold secured and protects both personal data and against hacker attacks.

The use is not limited to places with WIFI networks, the AiS multitool transmitter can also be used anywhere.

Data collection on external servers does not take place.

Battery operation and mains power supply are possible for up to 12 months.

Together with the app, it is now possible for smartphone users worldwide to

stay connected to all your property and act immediately.

As if you were always there yourself.

Protection for the home, at work and on the go 

Manufacturer Direct-Smarter Technology Inc is presenting the AiS multitool transmitter to the public for the first time at the upcoming CES, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The free, permanent live connection between the AiS transmitter and the user’s smartphone is just one of the many advantages.

House residents use the AiS, for example, as a heat and fire alarm, as a smart control element for electronic devices or as a monitoring device on windows and doors.

Or to prevent mold growth. The AiS transmitter constantly analyzes the level of humidity and temperature in the rooms.

Caravan owners protect themselves against break-ins, gas, fire or frost.

Truck haulage companies secure your cargo against theft or to document the transport conditions such as compliance with cold chains, transport times, etc.

On vacation or business trips, the AiS multitool sender is a companion that ensures security and control when abroad.

Users can use it to secure the hotel room door or the entire holiday home.

During the trip, the AiS transmitter ensures that personal valuables are not stolen unnoticed.

The AiS is also used in cars. Here he reports on his smartphone if the doors are opened or the vehicle is stolen.

Visitors are immediately reported on the smartphone in the shop or hotel entrance.

Instead of studying complicated operating instructions of many different sensors, the AiS is controlled via an intuitive app. The central control of the AiS transmitter can take place on site and also while on the move, whereby each integrated sensor can be set and activated individually as required. To start up the AiS transmitter, just enter the ID number and password of the AiS transmitter in the app and you are immediately informed of all sensor messages and can act immediately.

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